birthing room


Field Trip Extra Credit

The birthing room is very interesting.  It is set up very oddly.  I do not know why there is a real bed, as well as a couch kind of recliner.  There is also like an hot tub kind of bath.

So, a few thoughts going through my head currently; why is the room set up like this.  I always think of birthing rooms like in a hospital-so hospital bed with a small tv on the wall.  I do think the hot tub is weird being in the room.  However, I think it is an awesome idea! You can allow the mother to relax while taking a bath or you can wash the child when it is born.  The hot tub is a fabulous idea.  The bath tub is also able to be used for the woman to be submerged in the water to help ease the labor process.

I think it is interesting that there is a patio outside the room.  When I think of a pregnant mother, I do not think of the mother wanting to hangout.  In fact, I think of a mother only going to the hospital when in labor and then leaving as soon as she is released by the doctor.

The rope is hanging in the room, because it allows the woman to hold herself up.  The midwife wants the woman to be comfortable while giving birth.  Therefore, the woman can be standing and holding themselves up if it makes it more comfortable for them.

I am not sure that this birthing unit is extremely comfortable for anyone other than mothers.  I think the fathers would think this is too extreme.  Maybe, I am just weird.  I can also see the fathers enjoying this place.  I say this, because they can relax, lay down, take a nap; pretty much they can do anything they want, because this room is so full of different things.

Going in to this field trip, I did not know what to expect.  I thought that this would be really weird, because I do not like anything medical or birth related.  However, I found it interesting to learn about the way this midwife, birthing center is set up. I really enjoyed this field trip.

I have actually gone in to the field trips with a closed mind and ended up loving them.  I think this was my favorite field trip.

Things I Learned

Over the semester, I really struggled with dealing with this class.  It took a lot of my time for being an online class and I did not feel that I needed to know anything we did.  However, having to write an entire blog post on this topic of things I learned, I obviously have put some more thought in to this class.  I did not necessarily learn a whole lot in this class, but I enjoyed some of the activities in this class, even though some were too time consuming. 

I really enjoyed the idea of Second Life.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I am doing the extra credit field trip, because I think it is neat to go to different places.  I have always been interested in traveling the world and though it is not real, it is a least affordable at this time. 

I really enjoyed watching the movie Iron Jawed Angels, because I like to watch different movies and it really just was cool to see one I never had before. 

Things I learned that I did not like were blogging every other day.  I disliked having to read articles or watch quick videos and write 400-500 words.  To me, it just seemed time consuming and boring.  However, there were a few blog posts, such as cancer and rape, that I was able to truly give my full opinion on, which I liked.

As for my views, nothing has changed.  I still believe women and men are equal.  I also believe that women are supposed to be controlled by men.  It is even in the bible that men were created before women and women were created from men.  It goes on to say that women must honor their husbands or fathers and women must respect the men and allow the men to lead them.  Anything that is in the bible is truth and is the only way to live.  From this class, I have learned that the world has changed this and women are trying to become rulers over men.  This is where I disagree.  I think, yes, women should have rights and very similar rights to men; however, men should still be above women.  God is a male and therefore, He is higher than all.  Therefore, my views on feminism and power have not changed at all; because God is the one true ruler and anything He says goes.  It does not matter if we want something to change or not if He does not want it to change. 

The Interpretations of The Corporation

The film called The Corporation is a movie about how the business world works and how people are considered legal today.  Today, this world is based on working and fitting in to the society.  We try to make ourselves look good.  Women, I find, do this more than men; though both try to make themselves look good or fit in. 

I think people are willing to spend money on luxury items, because they make themselves feel better and they are able to “look good.”  I have caught myself wanting the jeans from Buckle, just because they are really cool and “in style.”  Who really cares about what jeans you wear?  I do not think I really look at many people’s jeans and if I do, I don’t judge if they are nice or too nice or whatever. 

Another thing, I do not know if people realize sweatshops are still around.  If they knew that I wonder if they would worry about the luxury items.  For me, now that I realize sweatshops are still around, I feel as though I should be donating more money to those in need.  “In need” is a term I take for granted.  I definitely take the term lightly, because I can always be “in need” of something, whether it be food or clothes; even though I am never “in need” and have never been. 

I do not think the corporation is a feminist issue.  I think that it is both male and female.  I think this because the business world includes both sets of genders.  In fact, today, I believe the business or corporate world is considered to be split in half, women and men.  Therefore, I do not think that it is a feminist issue.  The only issue with the corporate world is that they think they can spend on luxuries over donating money to those who have nothing.  I say this, because my family is a prime example.  My mom is in the corporate world and makes enough money that we can buy almost anything we want at any time.  My dad owns his own business, which is a very successful business; therefore, we are a well off family.  Over the years, I have found myself becoming more aware of what is going on in this world and realizing I do not need everything I think I need.  There are many people in this world who think the same if not more than me.  Also, there are those who are the complete opposite.  I think this world needs to realize heart and caring is more valuable than luxuries, because luxuries will never go with us. 

Sweatshops Are Still in America

Sweatshops are known as places that are dirty.  They require hard work as well as low pay and long days.  Sweatshops do not pay overtime, even though the law requires them to do so.

An article I found about sweatshops today is called “American Sweatshops: Organizing workers in the global economy.”  It was written in 2005.  New York still has sweatshops today.  I find it a bit saddening that sweatshops are still around.

Even though sweatshops are still around, I feel as though they are disturbing the society.  I say this, because people may rely on sweatshops instead of going out to find a job that offers better benefits.  I do understand that America is low on jobs, but this is heartbreaking that people have to fall to sweatshops.

Field Trip 2

ImageImageAs I began my journey, the snake literally freaked me out; to be honest, if it would have come at me, I probably would have screamed. Eeeeek.

I decided to take the staircase to the right first.  I thought it was cool that there was a painting of a guy on the wall.  A few native animals are the Siberian Ibex, Himalayan Brown Bear and the Black Vulture.  The Dhol is a musical instrument found there.  Naan is on the menu.  It is whole wheat bread with sesame seeds.  There is also qorma, kebabs, palao and khameerbob.

I then went to RAWA.  WAR IS TERRORISM is an article about the Afghanistan War.  The TIME magazine article with the woman on the front made me feel uncomfortable.  The way it was displayed was a bit odd to me.  And the writing on the wall next to it was in red, and to me it looked like blood.  I find Cluster Bombs to be anti-American.  I agree that war should be stopped, because I, personally, do not like violence.  RAWA means, Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. 

This was an interesting field trip, because I was having mixed emotions.  The Afghanistan museum was cool, but the RAWA exhibit was not as I would say, cool.  This was an interesting field trip, but at the same time, a really good one too.  I am enjoying that our field trips are about other cultures and how they do things in this world.  Learning about other cultures, wars, even women, I find it intriguing to see how they differ from my everyday life.  I rarely think of other countries or continents or anything, unless I have a specific reason.  Therefore, I enjoy it so I can expand my knowledge.  I would love to continue on field trips, because of the experience they give. 


Environmental Racism

Environmental racism is known as

“Intentional or unintentional targeting of minority communities or the exclusion of minority groups from public and private boards, commissions, and regulatory bodies. It is the racial discrimination in the enactment or enforcement of any policy, practice, or regulation that negatively affects the environment of low-income and/or racially homogeneous communities at a disparate rate than affluent communities.”

As for an example close to home, I first imagine it talking about the low income of the west side.  I find it intriguing that my mind goes there.  I, personally, do not think it is fair.  However, I also cannot help where I first thought of.  It is our culture and world that defines places and people.  Therefore, I think of the west side, because I get nervous to go over there in case I may get robbed.  Those are the people I would exclude from things.  I know, it is not nice, but I know this is a blog and I can be honest.  I am not saying I want to discriminate them, but I guess I cannot help it.  I find it interesting again, because I think of it as dirty.  I think they treat the environment poorly.  Therefore, it would be consider environmental racism because of this.